Couch Spring Types: Sinuous Spring 8 Way Hand Tied
Couch Spring Types

Couch Spring Types: Sinuous Spring 8 Way Hand Tied

Couch Spring Types: Sinuous Spring, 8 Way Hand Tied, Pocket Coil, Grid, and Webbing

Springs are one of the most important parts of the couch, springs provide support to seat cushions and decide the durability and comfort level of your sofa. The only reason that you don’t sink down when you sit on a sofa or chair is these springs. There are a lot of different types available of springs or suspensions that can be used in a sofa. Some will durable and long-lasting some might not so make sure to check out the type of springs while buying a couch. So, here we have provided some Couch spring types or suspensions that are used in our furniture.


8-way hand-tied springs are considered the best higher-quality springs. They are made by hand and require real craftsmanship.

  • The springs are supported by webbing on the bottom of the couch (Usually steel webbing is considered best, however other materials can also be used).
  • At the top twine is provided which is tied by hands at eight different points for each spring and then to the frame.
  • These things provide support and ensure it won’t squeak.

Tip: To check whether it is a real 8-way hand-tied suspension you can pick up the cushions and push on the seat deck, if you feel individual spring then it is a real 8-way hand-tied suspension.


Sinuous springs are also called S-spring and Zig-Zag spring. Sinuous springs having large turns are used in low to mid-quality sofas and sinuous springs having closely spaced small turn pieces of metal can be used in high-quality sofas. Closely spaced small turns of metal provide better support and cushions don’t sink in it.

  • While buying a sinuous spring couch make sure to check that the wire is at least 8-gauge.
  • Two 8-gauge wires should run across each spring and clip it.
  • Sinuous springs can be easily and quickly installed than 8-way hand-tied springs that’s why sinuous spring sofas are a little cheaper than sofas that have 8-way hand-tied springs.
  • A properly made sinuous spring system having small turns is better than a fake eight-way hand-tied suspension.


Drop-in coil springs require lesser labor as compared to 8-way hand-tied springs. In this system, coils are first mounted to the frame and then singly added on furniture however the con of this type of springs is it doesn’t have bottom support so eventually spring will sag.

  • Drop-in coil springs are used in cheaper sofas.
  • Connection is provided through sides as no bottom support is present so ultimately sofa will sag.
  • Metal-to-metal contact will lead to squeaking.

Tip: Don’t be fooled between 8-way hand-tied spring and drop-in-coil as some manufacturers will add some strings to drop-in coil springs and call it eight-way hand-tied to increase the price of the sofa.


Pocket coil suspension is made by individually wrapping the coils in a fabric. These are considered high-quality springs. Whenever you get up from a couch these springs will expand and maintain the shape of the seat. Properly made pocket coil suspension is durable and can last longer. It is almost similar to the suspension used in the mattress. It is not a common technique.


Grid (Flexolator) suspension is made of wire grids. These wire grids have springs on the side and are attached to the frame. This type of suspension is not common. The wires used in this suspension are not very thick, so they might break with time.


  • Jute webbing is stretched and tightly placed, which makes it firmer, stronger, and sturdy.
  • You can use the same upholstery but replace jute webbing and make your couch or chair like new again.
  • As jute webbing is firmer so it provides no bounce which makes it strong, durable, and long-lasting (if properly made).


  • Elastic webbing is stretchable and has a bounce in it which makes it less-firmer and more comfortable however it loses its strength because of lesser firmness.
  • Elastic webbing is usually used in low-quality sofas it is recommended to not buy sofas that have elastic webbing as in the long run they may not survive.


Best Couch Spring Type Among 8 Way Hand Tied, Sinuous, Pocket Coil, Grid, and Webbing

The best choice to go with among couch spring types is with the 8-way hand-tied suspension sofas as this suspension is durable, long-lasting, and of higher quality. Sofas made of this quality last much longer than other types of suspensions. If you could not get this type of suspension, go with the sinuous spring as they don’t sag, have durability and long-lasting life as well. If you are buying sinuous spring sofas make sure to keep in mind two things select a properly made sinuous spring sofa and it should have a considerably lesser price than an 8-way hand-tied sofa. If you are really short on the budget then you can wit webbing (elastic) sofas but make sure they are not placed not busy places as they will end up getting cracked however if you can avoid making sure of it.


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