Leather Furniture Pros and Cons – Benefits of Leather Couch
Leather furniture pros and cons

Leather Furniture Pros and Cons – Benefits of Leather Couch

Leather Furniture Pros & Cons- Benefits of Leather Couch

Buying a durable, comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish sofa is a great choice but before you buy a leather sofa, you need to consider the pros and cons of leather furniture and ask yourself some questions: What kind of sofa you want? Will it make your room more appealing? Is it of good quality and long-lasting sofa? and are you sure to make such a large investment? All these things play a vital role in terms of selecting a sofa that is stylish, comfortable, long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective. A sofa having these qualities is always a blessing. Because the sofa is an important part of your living room, apartment, or office. You can sit on it, relax, read a book, or enjoy watching movies with your friends or family. So, make sure you buy a sofa that fulfills all of your requirements and also make sure to consider the advantages and the disadvantages of a leather sofa or couch.

Pros of Leather Furniture

Durability of Leather Sofa

  • Leather is without any doubt is a more durable material, and lasts 4 times longer than fabric because of its great strength.
  • It’s hard to make scratches on top grain leather because it is thick and tough. So if you have pets or kids you might want to go with top grain leather and avoid Aniline leather which is unprotected and easily susceptible to scratches than top grain leather.
  • Amongst the main durability factors of leather is its resistance against flame and prevention against dust penetration, and pet dander.
  • It is a good option for people who are allergic because it doesn’t keep dust and pet smell etc.
  • Leather can last for 15 to 20 years, it is a great long-lasting investment.

Leather Sofa Comfort

Comfort is a very important part of a sofa and it means a lot when buying a sofa. The comfort level of a sofa not only depends upon the leather or upholstery but also on suspension or spring type, framing, cushions foam type, seat height, and length. However over here we have highlighted some of the features of leather that make it a comfortable sofa:

  • Top grain leather gets warmer in winter and cooler in summer because it adjusts itself to the temperature of your body, this quality makes top-grain leather more comforting over treated grain leather or faux leather which doesn’t have this quality.
  • If properly cared full-grain leather becomes more comfortable, graceful, and luminous over time.
  • Real or genuine leather has a distinct smell which some people like and some don’t and the leather retains it even after tanning.
  • As leather is not an allergic material and doesn’t keep dust, and smell so that makes it more comforting than other materials.

Leather Couch Appearance

  • Leather sofas are modern, luxurious, elegant, and unique in design and appearance.
  • Leather sofas appearance mainly depends upon its design type and leather sofas have different design types but classical, minimalistic, and rustic are the main designs of leather sofas.
  • If you want a natural tone(such as beiges and brown) then classical sofas would be a great choice, they have elegant and sophisticated designs. One of the main classical sofas is chesterfield and it was once a staple of British homes. However, if you want more color options or have a monochrome room then the minimalistic design is a great choice as they have a whole range of different colors and usually have straight lines and rather austere designs. If you want a warm and homely look don’t forget to go with rustic designs.
  • Either you select a classical or minimalistic design or any other design leather sofa has the ability to make your room more appealing, stylish, and beautiful.

Leather Couch Maintenance

  • Leather can be easily cleaned if you spill something over it all you have to do is just wipe it.
  • Leather gets better with time and becomes more graceful because of its patina effect however it requires proper maintenance, if not properly cared it can fade and starts peeling or cracking.
  • To clean a leather make sure to check the tag of it and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure to remove the spills quickly if not removed for a long time they might become sticky and discolor the leather over time.
  • Keep leather sofas away from direct sunlight, artificial light, heat and prevent them from cracking.
  • If the leather gets crack you might need to dye it to repair leather cracks.

Cons of Leather Furniture

Cost of Leather Furniture

  • One of the main cons of leather is it’s expensive than the fabric. However, real leather is usually more expensive than faux or bonded leather, etc.
  • A top-grain leather sofa is usually 2.5x more expensive than other low-quality leather.
  • Leather is expensive but it’s durable and long-lasting. So, overall it’s a great investment if you buy a leather sofa.

Leather Sofa Environmental Impact / Sustainability

  • Genuine leather is made of animals and its tanning process produces the biggest environmental impact. However, at the end of genuine leather’s useful life, it doesn’t add any environmental problems as compare to artificial leather.

Not Animal-Friendly Leather Furniture

  • Genuine or real leather is made from animals. So, if you are vegan that is definitely a problem for you. However, faux leather or artificial leather is a great choice for you as it is made of polyurethane or any other material but not from actual animal’s hide.

Pets Effect on Leather Sofa

  • If you are a pet lover then make sure to keep in mind that you can easily wipe off the hair and dander easily from leather and as it is a thick material, it will not get the scratches easily from the pet but if your pet chews the arm of sofa or chair or scratches the back of your sofa then its not an easy replacement because leather couches are much more expensive than fabric one.
  • When buying a leather sofa if you have pets make sure to buy the right product which is not very soft and buttery in texture because it might get scratches easily.

Real, Faux, and Bonded Leather Differences

Real or genuine leather furniture is made of animal hide, bonded leather is made from leather which is rejected during manufacturing real leather and faux leather or polyurethane (PU) is man-made or artificial leather. If you are a vegan then faux leather is a great option for you because if it’s an animal-friendly manufacturing procedure. But faux leather does have its own cons as it is not much durable and might give plastic look. However genuine leather always ave a great luxurious look, and has a natural smell. The texture of faux and bonded leather is consistent and smooth and genuine leather texture is inconsistent and grainy which gives it a natural and real leather look. Genuine leather is far more durable than faux and bonded leather. Detailed differences of Genuine vs faux vs bonded leather.



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