Pet Friendly Sofa Buying Guide – Dog and Cat Proof Sofa
Pet Friendly Sofa Buying Guide - Dog and Cat Proof Sofa

Pet Friendly Sofa Buying Guide – Dog and Cat Proof Sofa

Pet Friendly Sofa Buying Guide – Dog and Cat Proof Sofa

Buying a sofa can be difficult at times even if it is a simple sofa without adding the dogs and cats into the equation. However, when you add the mix of dogs and cats while buying furniture you will have to consider a lot of other factors as well and it becomes even further difficult to buy a pet-friendly sofa to easier your work, we have provided dogs and cats friendly sofa buying guide.

How to Buy Pet-Friendly Furniture?

When buying a pet-friendly sofa there are two major things that need to be considered:

  • Frame material and joinery type (if you have a larger pet or kids).
  • Right fabric for your sofa (Color, Stain resistance, Durability, and Type of fabric).

What Sofa Fabric Is Best for Pet?

Selecting the right fabric for your sofa is a very important consideration when buying a dog or cat-friendly sofa. So, make sure that your fabric checks these points:

Color for Pet-Friendly Sofa:

Buying a darker color fabric sofa is a great choice as darker colors can hide dirt and stains better than other colors. However, if you have a cat that has white color fur, make sure you select a light color upholstery to camouflage the hair between vacuuming.

Stain Resistance Ability of Pet-Friendly Sofa:

Make sure to buy a sofa that has stains resistance ability, today many fabrics are engineered to prevent stains. Usually, a sofa gets stains from muddy paws, accidents, pee, and beer, etc. The best way to get stain-resistant fabric is to ask the sales associate, he or she will help you select a pet-friendly stain-resistant fabric.

Tip: Ask a sales associate about warranties that they offer for protection against stains, tears, and other damages.

Durability of Pet-Friendly Sofa:

A pet-friendly sofa should be more resistant to wear and tear than a regular sofa. So, make sure your furniture is tough, more durable, and long-lasting. To check the wear and tear of the sofa check double rubs count. Double rubs are a way to measure the resistance against abrasion and to check its durability. A typical upholstery grade has 15,000 double rubs; however, a pet-friendly fabric should have 45,000 double rubs. One back and forth motion counts as one double rub. These are done in the factory to check the wear and tear of the fabric. If the number comes out to be more it means it has more durability and will last longer.

Type of fabric for Pet Friendly Sofa:

Selecting the right type of fabric is also an important point while selecting the type of fabric. There are major types of fabrics that are great to be used for pet-friendly sofa. One is microfiber and the second is leather. Microfiber upholstery usage has been drastically increased in the last decade for pets as it has a smooth texture so your cat’s claws won’t catch it and also hairs can be removed easily. Secondly, leather can be a great option as well as it is a thick material so your pet won’t be able to chew & scratch it, and you can remove dirt and hairs with just a cloth. Due to its patina effect leather gets better with age even with daily wear and tear from pets.

  • Avoid textured fabrics if your cat loves to scratch and go for a smooth microfiber.
  • Avoid loose weave fabric if your kitty sheds, as hairs trap between the fibers. Instead, go for a low-pile fabric or leather.

So, Here we have provided the pet-friendly sofa guide and tips.

Pet-Friendly Furniture Tips 

Now, you are clear about what to look for in furniture however there are things that you need to keep in mind to care for your sofa properly so that you can prevent the issues.

Is slipcover worth for the sofa?

If you love some specific sofa and that doesn’t have a performance fabric then you can use a slipcover. It allows you to change it as often you like according to your room décor. These are of high quality, durable, last longer, and a great choice as you’ll not need to change the furniture you can just change the cover.

  • Buy a high-quality slipcover sofa and with a little care, you can live with your lovely pets for years.
  • If it gets dirty you can just simply wash the slipcover and clean it.

Make sure to check the label of the slipcover properly to wash it with the right use of detergent.

How do I keep my dog off my couch?

If you want to keep the pets off your sofa, make sure to follow these tips to groom your pet:

  • Buy Pet Bed: Buy a pet bed for your pets, usually, they like it even more than the sofa, and make sure whenever they choose a pet bed over the sofa, reward them with treats.
  • Give Them Their Own Chair: Give your pets an older chair they can call it their own and they will be much happier.
  • Room Spray: Usually the pets don’t like the smell of vinegar or citrus so you can do room spray to keep them away from the couch. (Don’t directly spray it couch as it will stains).
  • Dogs Pee on Sofa: To deter the pets or specifical dogs use a combination of vinegar and oranges mixture. It will keep your dog away and It will not pee on the sofa.
  • Cover Your Couch: If you are not able to do the above things make sure to put a cover over your couch or chair.

Train and Groom Your Pet:

  • Keep your pets nicely brushed as you will get rid of excess hairs that were going to stick into your fabric.
  • Get your pet’s claws clipped by this you won’t have to worry about the scratches.
  • Train your pet to go to the bathroom outside or litter in-tray, this way you can save your couch.
  • Always remember to clean your pets straight away when they go out.
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