How To Remove Pee Stains From Couch (Urine Stains)
Remove Pee Stains or Urine Stains From Couch

How To Remove Pee Stains From Couch (Urine Stains)

How To Remove Urine Stains From Couch (Removing Pee Stains From Sofa)

Sofas are a very important part of your living room, apartment or office having a good piece of furniture is always a good choice, as it is luxurious, stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting however stains on it, can really change your mood completely, especially if you have pee or urine stains on it, these urine stains make it look and smell bad, eventually making it uncomfortable to sit on your favorite sofa. Gladly, there are some awesome tricks that you can do to remove them quickly. So, here we have provided a guide on how to remove urine stains from the couch and how to remove the smell of pee stains from the couch. Before following any methods always make sure to check the manufacturer’s tag for cleaning upholstery. It is recommended to always consult a professional cleaner if you have silk, antique, and vintage upholstery couch.

How to prevent pee stains or urine stains

To prevent your pet from peeing or doing urine, there is no guaranteed way. However, there are some things that you can do to keep them away from your couch, and ultimately preventing the risk of peeing on your pet specifically your dog.

  • One of the best things that you can do is discipline your pet and buy a peeing mat for them.
  • The other good thing that you can do is buy a pet bed for them, they will absolutely love it more than your couch so it can reduce chances of pee or urine stains.
  • Treat the urine or pee stains as soon as possible, it will reduce the chances of being permanent.

However, if your pet still has done pee or urine on your loved couch you can follow any of these methods to remove new urine stains or old urine stains.

How to remove pee stains from couch With Vinegar

To remove the fresh pee stains or urine stains from furniture follow the steps with homemade cleaner.

Soak Up Excess Urine

  • Take a microfiber cloth and blot the excess urine as much as possible but make sure to not press too hard as you may spread the urine stains more.
  • You can also use a vacuum to do this job.

Make Solution of Dishwashing Liquid and Vinegar

  • After that take dishwashing liquid (1/2 tbsp), white vinegar (1/2 tbsp), and warm water (1 cup).
  • Now make a solution of these items to apply to the affected area.
  • Vinegar will help to disinfect the upholstery and break the stains however make sure to not add too much vinegar as it will damage the upholstery.

Apply Solution

  • Take a microfiber cloth and apply it to the smaller affected area of upholstery first.
  • Gently apply the solution and don’t push too much as it can damage the upholstery.
  • If this works, now apply it to the affected area, don’t go outside the area. A good approach to apply the solution is from outside towards the inside of the affected area.
  • Let the solution stay for some time.

Repeat the Procedure (If required)

  • After some time if the stains are still visible you need to repeat the process.
  • Don’t go over 3 times as you may damage it

Remove Solution

  • Now take another microfiber cloth and remove the solution from the area.
  • Don’t let the solution sit there for a longer time.

Let it Dry

  • After removing the solution now to let it dry.
  • You can blot the area with a microfiber cloth.
  • Do this gently.

How to Remove Pee Stains from Couch with DIY Formula

To remove the old pee stains or urine stains from furniture follow these steps with homemade cleaner.

Make Solution of Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Take hydrogen peroxide (10 ounces), dish soap (2 tbsp), and baking soda (3 tbsps).
  • Mix these items into a bowl and make sure the baking soda is completely dissolved.

Spray the Solution on Affected Area

  • Add this solution into a spray bottle.
  • After that spray this solution on the affected area.
  • Make sure to test this on a smaller area first.

Let the Upholstery Dry

  • Now let the upholstery dry.

Check the Upholstery

  • Now if the upholstery doesn’t change its color you can continue.

Follow the Procedure on Upholstery

  • Now apply the spray on the entire affected area.
  • Now let the upholstery dry so that spray can work.
  • If the stains are not gone repeat the process again.

Clean the Upholstery

  • Now if the stains are removed take a damp cloth and clean the solution.
  • Make sure to clean it properly as if it is not properly cleaned fibers could get damaged from the solution.

Remove Pee Stains from Couch with Pet Urine Enzyme Cleaner

One of the best methods to remove the pee stains or urine stains is to use a pet urine enzyme cleaner. It can remove stains from sofa upholstery whether it is fabric or leather or any other material. As these types of cleaners have ingredients that break down the chemicals in urine and remove the odor of urine completely. To use a pet urine enzyme cleaner, follow the process.

  • First of all, remove the excess urine as much as possible with a cloth or paper towel however make sure not to press the upholstery too much as it can spread the urine.
  • Remove the urine (affected area) with cool water and then remove this water properly.
  • Now apply the urine enzyme cleaner.
  • Let the upholstery dry.
  • It will remove the stains and odor from the upholstery and it will also keep your pet away in the future.

Remove Pee Stains from Couch with an oxygen-Based cleaner

To remove pee stains or urine from your couch you can also use oxygen-based cleaner, it is also one of the best methods to remove urine stains from the couch and carpet as well. The oxygen-based cleaner is safe to use around pets and it removes the stains and also eliminates the smell by killing the bacteria which cause urine smell. It is commonly being applied on pet beds and blankets before washing them.

  • All you have to do is apply oxygen bleach spray on the affected area.
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